JP Richardson, Software Developer & Entrepreneur


I'm a programming language junkie with a passion for software, technology, entrepreneurship, bitcoin, people and relationships. I love learning about others and what makes them tick. If you're ever in Lincoln, Nebraska, look me up and let's grab a drink.

I'm a strong advocate of the open source software (OSS) philosophy. I write a lot of open source code on Github and lately have found Node.js, AngularJS, and Go to be fun.

Single Motivating Purpose

I'm extremely purpose driven and constantly think about how I can help others and how I can serve the world. I feel that my purpose is not to serve myself, but to serve humanity by writing software and building businesses so that I can reduce suffering in others. This could be via the software or businesses themselves, or more nobly: through money, time, or fellowship.

I generally believe:

If you share any of these thoughts, feel free to reach out to me: jprichardson@gmail.com

What's procbits?

Well, codebits.com was taken, funcbits.com sounded like it would be difficult to relay via speech, and I just had to have "bits" at the end of the domain name. I don't really remember where "proc" came from... maybe procedural?

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