Synchronous File Copy in Node.js

Sometimes, asynchronous operations can be a burden. Especially when you're writing small console utilities like to batch process files.

There are many asynchronous ways to copy a file. Here is a synchronous version (CoffeeScript):

copyFileSync = (srcFile, destFile) ->
  BUF_LENGTH = 64*1024
  buff = new Buffer(BUF_LENGTH)
  fdr = fs.openSync(srcFile, 'r')
  fdw = fs.openSync(destFile, 'w')
  bytesRead = 1
  pos = 0
  while bytesRead > 0
    bytesRead = fs.readSync(fdr, buff, 0, BUF_LENGTH, pos)
    pos += bytesRead

You can view the converted version in JavaScript.

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