Printing to a Postscript File from Delphi/C++ Builder

Unfortunately for me, I had to patch some legacy C++ Builder code to output the reports that were sent to a printer to a PDF file. Fortunately, many printers support standard Postscript and converting to a PDF from a Postscript is trivial.

Here are the instructions, assuming Windows XP: 1)Go to Printers/Faxes and Add New Printer 2)When the wizard pops up click “Next” 3)You should be on the screen “Add Printer Wizard”… select “Local Printer Attached”, uncheck “Automatically detect…” 4)Use port “LPT1” 5)Select “Apple” for manufacturer and printers select “Apple LaserWriter 12/640 PS” 6)In printer name I put “Apple PS” 7)For default, you can select “No” 8)No on sharing/or printing test page.

Now we have a Postscript printer installed.

Here is some sample code:

void __fastcall TForm2::Button1Click(TObject *Sender)
    TDocInfo di;

    int i = Printer()->Printers->IndexOf("Apple PS");
    Printer()->PrinterIndex = i;


    memset(&di, sizeof(di), 0);
    di.cbSize = sizeof(di);
    di.lpszDocName = "TEST";
    di.lpszOutput = "C:\\";
    StartDoc(Printer()->Canvas->Handle, &di);

    Printer()->Canvas->TextOutA(0,0, "Testing Printer");

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